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Joanne Souza, PhD.


Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Director, Biology Online

Office Phone: 631-632-8548


  • Research Description


    Joanne Souza has a life long history of being a consistent, highly effective problem solver in the research, academic, and business environments. She currently is a research psychologist specializing in human health. Her research concentrates on the effects of positive and negative stress and social fear to human health, education, and welfare from an evolutionary biology perspective. Her research primarily focuses on the effects on human health, productivity, learning and quality of life as a function of an individual’s immersion in dominance hierarchies versus democratized social, economic, educational, and political social units. She has published work in the area of evolutionary biology including the uniqueness of humans and the development of Social Coercion Theory with Paul Bingham, PhD. Social Coercion Theory accounts for how humans came to be different from other animals within the process of natural selection and then generalizes into a theory of history and contemporary behavior with implications for public policy. This work culminated in the book, Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe as well as other academic journal publications, presentations, and speaking engagements. She continues to publish in evolutionary psychology and scientific education. Joanne is a faculty lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Stony Brook University where she initiated and implemented effective interactive online learning in the large class environment (570 students) focusing on educated social doubt as a required learning tool coupled with the scientific requirement of falsification. She founded and is director of the Biology Online Program which brings the rigorous, quality education indicative of Stony Brook University to the online student environment. The program has had both positive revenue and learning results that will be detailed in academic journal articles in the very near future. She also is a facilitator to Dr. Paul M. Bingham, Vice President of Research for Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals. Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals is committed to the discovery and development of innovative therapies capitalizing upon the distinctive metabolic processes of cancer cells. 2 Joanne returned to academia after a successful business career at AT&T Information Systems where she was in the top 3% of industry consultants including national accounts in the area of health and education. She also was the Vice President of a successful small business serving Long Island for over 19 years. She continues to build on and incorporate the benefits of this business and administration background with her academic and research career in order to continue to address problems of local and global concern.


    • Director – Biology Online Program; Stony Brook University
    • Open SUNY online Teaching Ambassador
    • Lecturer, Dept. of Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Stony Brook University
    • Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Research, Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    • Faculty, School of Professional Development, Stony Brook University
    • Visiting Researcher and Faculty – University of Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Faculty Co-Director – College of Human Development, Stony Brook University
    • Development of Social Coercion Theory with Prof. Paul M. Bingham including projects on the evolution of human social and political behavior and the application of evolutionary psychology to theories of history. 
    • President, Human Knowledge Enterprise, Inc.: Educational Consulting and production of advanced online university-level courses. 
    • AT&T Information Systems, Inc.: Sales Executive and Industry Consultant in Health & Education; Member of Council of Leaders Nationally (Top 3%) 
    • Vice President, Twin Fork Diesel, Inc.: Successful business serving Long Island and the Eastern Seaboard for 19 Years. 
    • District, Division, Regional Administrator for companies such as General Dynamics, ITT Communications, Inc., Penske Corporation.


    Ph.D. Health Psychology, Walden University Recipient of the Fellowship in Social Change (2011).

    M.Sc. Psychology - Walden University

    B.A. Psychology, Stony Brook University Summa Cum Laude Undergraduate Recognition Award for Academics & Research University Award for Senior Leadership & Service Graduate research credits in stress & depression – Bio-Psychology Research Lab 30

    Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    • Twelve Annual Wisconsin Symposium on Emotion "Order and Disorder in the Social Brain" -Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, Madison, Wisconsin – Continuing Education Credit.
    • Thirteenth Annual Wisconsin Symposium on Emotion “Risk, Resilience & Psychopathology”, Madison, Wisconsin – Continuing Education Credit
    • Fourteenth Annual Wisconsin Symposium on Emotion, Emotion, Consciousness and Psychopathology.

    AT&T Information Systems, Inc. - 1980-1986 Denver, Colorado; New York, New York Extensive market, communications, and technology training

    Adelphi University – 1971-1973; 1980-1981 Garden City, NY Business Administration

  • Publications
    • Souza, J. (2014). The impact of direct-to-consumer advertising on health seeking behavior for depressive symptoms. ProQuest.
    • Souza, J., Bingham, P.M. (2014). Disciplinary unification of the natural sciences, the humanities, and the social sciences: Adapted minds and strategic approaches to consilience in the academy. EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium, 6(1), 12-23.
    • Bingham, P.M., Souza, J. (2013). Theory testing in prehistoric North America: Fruits of one of the world’s great archeological natural laboratories. Evolutionary Anthropology, 22, 145-153.
    • Bingham, P.M., Souza, J., Blitz, J.H. (2013). Social complexity and the bow in the prehistoric North American Record. Evolutionary Anthropology, 22, 81-88.
    • Bingham, P.M, Souza J. (2012). Ultimate causation in evolved human political psychology: Implications for public policy. Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 6(3), 360-383.
    • Bingham, P.M., Souza J. (2011). The unique power of the North American record allows tests of a new theory of social evolution. Poster and abstract presented at the 76 annual meeting of the Society of American Archeology.
    • Bingham, P.M., Souza J. (2011) Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe. Kindle Version, Amazon, Inc. 4
    • Poe, M., Bingham, P.M., & Souza, J. (2010). P. Bingham and J. Souza, “Death From a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe”. New Books in History, Podcast. Iowa Research Online available at
    • Souza, J. & Bingham, P.M. (2010). Evolutionary psychology and human history. Poster and abstract presented at the 22nd Annual HBES Conference, June, 2010.
    • Bingham, P.M., Okada, D., Souza, J. (2009). A powerful and general new theory of human evolutionary origins, properties, and history. Evolution: The Molecular Landscape, LXXIV Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology, May 27-June 1, 29. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory:New York.
    • Bingham, P.M., Souza J. (2009) Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe. Booksurge:South Carolina.
    • Bingham, P.M., Souza J. (2003; 2008, 2015). The Biology of Being Human, Rothman Media: New York.
    • Souza, J., Bingham, P.M. (2005). Integration of available and new technologies to raise student understanding and engagement. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 34, (2), 189-198.
    • Tata, D.A., Souza, J., Anderson, B.J. (2004). Effects of chronic glucocorticoid administration on hippocampal neuron number, mitochondrial and glial volume. Poster and abstract presented at the 34th Society of Neuroscience Conference, Oct. 2004.
  • Profressional Accomplishments

    Key Note Speaker – University of Manchester, United Kingdom MaDLeN Conference; Never Mind the Gap – Teaching in the Digital Age, February, 2014

    Key Note Speaker – 7 th Annual Conference of the Northeast Evolutionary Psychology Society, Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA, May 30th -June 2nd, 2013.

    TEDX talk at Stony Brook University, Sex, Institutions, and Politics, October 24, 2013.

    Invited Seminar Speaker – Surveying the Landscape of Distance Education, Stony Brook University, October 8, 2013.

    Co-author of invited book review in the American Journal of Human Biology for the book, The Evolved Apprentice: How Evolution Made Humans Unique by Kim Sterelny.

    Sole Recipient of the Fellowship in Research and Social Change offered through the Presidential Grant Program at Walden University – January, 2011. 5

    Invited (ALLELE) Lecture Speaker – EVOS Program, University of Alabama, February, 2013

    Invited Seminar Speaker – Humanities Institute, Stony Brook University, November, 2012.

    Invited Seminar Speaker-NSF funded EVOS program SUNY New Paltz-April 2011

    Invited Seminar Speaker – Empire College Faculty Development Series, May 2011

    Invited Seminar Speaker - Hofstra University's IDEAS Institute – Topic: Death From a Distance: The Evolution of Our Common Humanity – Sept. 2010

    Invited Seminar Speaker - Grand Rounds, Pathology, Stony Brook University Medical Center – Topic: Implications of a new theory of human evolution for science, medicine and the human future – January, 2010.

    Invited Seminar Speaker - Initiative for Historical Social Sciences, Stony Brook University - Human History and Political Behavior: Rich New Insights from Evolutionary Biology, April, 2010.

    Undergraduate College Faculty Fellow-Office of the Provost-StonyBrook University

    Developed and managed the first online undergraduate course given at Stony Brook University for the College of Arts and Sciences.

    Represented Stony Brook University at CIT 2005 Seminar.

    Co-Developer of the Curriculum for the College of Human Development Freshmen, second semester seminar course.

    Center for Excellence in Learning Technologies –seminar in teaching interactive large courses

    Co-Faculty Director for the Freshman College of Human Development representing over 350 freshmen students.

    Consultant to: Dr. Paul M. Bingham, Study in Linguistics for Morris Symposium presentation (Sept. 2005) Consultant to Dr. Paul M. Bingham at Communications in Risk Assessment, Montauk, NY – Spring 2006

    Public Lecture: The New York Paleontological Society, April 2007

    Hunter College, Anthropology Club Lecture on Human Uniqueness, Dec. 2006

    Invited Seminar Speaker in Communications at Johnson and Wales College, Warwick, RI, Sept. 1982.


    • Northeast Evolutionary Psychology Society
    • Society for Neuroscience  Golden Key National Honor Society
    • Psi Chi Honor Society  UUP  Gesture Focus Group, Stony Brook University
    • Science and Art Seminar – Humanities Institute, Stony Brook University
    • Human Behavior and Evolution Society
    • Society for American Archeology
    • Health Psychology Division of APA
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